Are You Prepared for the Shrinking Purchasing Power of Social Security Checks?

By Family Focus Financial Group | June 8, 2018

It is no surprise that the average cost of living adjustment on Social Security benefits has averaged a measly 1.2% over the last eight years while Medicare Part B premiums have averaged an increase of more than 10% during that time frame.1 Easy math- the cost of health insurance and out of pockets expenses is…

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Help Smash Your Fears with Cash

By Family Focus Financial Group | May 3, 2018

We have had a wonderfully long bull market which has probably helped to boost retirement savings for those who remained invested, but we still have some ways to go before we beat the bull market of the 1990’s. We may get there, we may not. As investors, we always want to be on the right…

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Filial Laws Could Hold Adult Children Financially Responsible for Parents’ Long-term Healthcare Costs

By Family Focus Financial Group | April 23, 2018

Each state has laws known as filial responsibility laws that have the potential to leave a family footing the bill for mom or dad’s long-term healthcare costs. Imagine the surprise. Filial responsibly laws, which haven’t been relied on for quite some time because of other government safety nets provided to seniors, are recently being used…

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Why is Money Talk Taboo?

By Family Focus Financial Group | April 13, 2018

As a society, we pay a very high price to keep silent about money.  Why is it that many Americans feel more comfortable talking about politics, taxes, death or religion? Our hangup about money conversations contribute to “50% of first marriages ending in divorce, 70% of families failing to successfully pass down their wealth to future…

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5 Ways to Better Connect with Female Investors

By Family Focus Financial Group | April 9, 2018

As seen in Kiplinger It’s amazing when you think about it that there’s still a pretty broad belief out there that women aren’t interested in dealing with finances — particularly when it comes to investing in their futures. As a woman who’s been in the male-dominated financial industry for more than 30 years, I can…

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Strategies for Funding Delayed Social Security Income

By Family Focus Financial Group | March 29, 2018

It seems simple and obvious: for every year a person postpones claiming their Social Security check beyond their full retirement age (FRA), benefits will increase by 8% per year until age 70, at which time one must begin receiving benefits. This could potentially be a 32% increase and the increased COLA (cost of living adjustment)…

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The Power and Importance of Humanizing Investment Advice

By Family Focus Financial Group | March 22, 2018

As seen in Kiplinger One thing I’ve learned while giving investment advice over the years is that it’s important to understand the person behind the portfolio. Just knowing what someone’s bottom line is — how much they’ve saved for retirement, where they’ve invested their money, how much risk they’re willing to tolerate — doesn’t tell…

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Young Boomers May Face the Biggest Hurdles

By Family Focus Financial Group | March 15, 2018

The first half of the infamous “baby boomers” (born 1946-1955) began reaching normal retirement age six years ago.  Lucky you if you fall into the older boomer category. You have seen the longest bull run in stock market history and if you remained invested after the financial crisis of 2008, you are probably quite happy with…

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The Impact of Income Inequality

By admin | January 30, 2018

As it turns out, income inequality can be an issue for all society, not just the poor.   A new study of high-earning clients of a bank’s wealth management unit tracked the fortunes of male and female young adults to learn how income inequity would impact their lives. The assumptions had both genders starting out…

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Anticipated Changes in Workplace Demographics

By admin | January 23, 2018

Online shopping has become the norm in the Western part of the world. Experts say mature economies adopted e-commerce quickly because of its strong infrastructure and a trusting financial landscape.1   In other words, consumers could count on receiving goods ordered, vendors knew they would get paid and any conflicts were protected by a reputable…

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