The Power of Mindfulness

By Family Focus Financial Group | April 18, 2017

It seems everywhere you turn these days, from news shows to news articles to local advertisements, there’s this idea of promoting “mindfulness” in our day-to-day lives. Mindfulness is generally accepted as focusing one’s mental state on the present moment, being completely aware of all elements around us. Some financial professionals have expanded this idea of…

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The Tide is Coming

By Family Focus Financial Group | February 21, 2017

The Tide is Coming Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors of all time, cracked a joke once about taking on too much risk: “It’s not until the tide crashes in that you find out who is swimming naked”!  Isn’t that the truth?  Chuckling aside, the reality is that we have had 8 long years…

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A Message to Millennials: Be an Aggressive Saver

By Family Focus Financial Group | January 24, 2017

A Message to Millennials: Be an Aggressive Saver Just today, I read an article that the average American couple has $5,000 saved for retirement.  A great level of concern immediately gripped me in the most sobering way.  How is this possible?  Are the citizens of the most prosperous nation in the world really that bad…

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Uncomplicated- The New Retirement Lifestyle

By Family Focus Financial Group | January 17, 2017

  Uncomplicated- The New Retirement Lifestyle The two generations of Baby Boomers who had to have it all and do it all are now looking for a less complicated lifestyle in retirement.  By no means does that mean less fulfilling. We have high expectations.  Things that used to be “nice to have” are now being called essentials.  Vacations, pet care, smart…

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Who’s Your Pilot?

By Family Focus Financial Group | December 30, 2016

  Who’s Your Pilot? Do you like to travel?  When you do, do you take an airplane?  What do you expect when you step foot on that plane?  You are probably expecting a few things: 1. That the pilot is qualified, 2. That the pilot has a flight plan to make it to your destination,…

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Teachers are Vulnerable

By Family Focus Financial Group | December 27, 2016

  Teachers Are Vulnerable The Department of Labor (DOL) has approved a rule, that will become effective April 2017, that holds all financial advisors to a fiduciary standard of care when providing investment advice on retirement accounts and IRAs .  This means an advisor must recommend what is in a client’s best interest when it comes…

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5 Ways Life Insurance Can Pay Off Before You Die: As Seen In Kiplinger!

By Family Focus Financial Group | October 20, 2016

As Seen In Kiplinger! Many people who have life insurance are paying premiums for one reason—to assist their families after they’ve died. 1. Provide for life stage needs. You can access an insurance policy’s cash value, as it accumulates, through a loan or withdrawal when needed. When structured properly, it can fund part of your…

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Good News if You are Charitable!

By Family Focus Financial Group | September 20, 2016

Good news if you are charitable…. Qualified charitable distributions are renewed-PERMANENTLY! No more annual “wait and see” and scrambling to get things done. QCDs expired once again at the end of 2014, but the new tax law, “Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015” makes them-effective retroactively for 2015 and beyond. QCDs allow individuals…

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Let’s Admit It: We All Need Retirement Income

By Family Focus Financial Group | September 13, 2016

  Let’s Admit It:  We All Need Retirement Income No matter what situation you find yourself in, whether you have $5 million or $50,000 saved for retirement, we can all agree that retirement income is the foundation to every financial plan.  A house without a strong foundation can never become a safe home to dwell…

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What’s on your Bucket List?

By Family Focus Financial Group | August 22, 2016

What’s on YOUR Bucket List? One of the best things about being a little kid is that you don’t really care what other people think. You easily make new friends. You are the center of the universe. You can sleep at will, anywhere-or not. If you don’t like the taste of your food, you can…

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