Filial Laws Could Hold Adult Children Financially Responsible for Parents’ Long-term Healthcare Costs

Each state has laws known as filial responsibility laws that have the potential to leave a family footing the bill for mom or dad’s long-term healthcare costs. Imagine the surprise. Filial responsibly laws, which haven’t been relied on for quite some time because of other government safety nets provided to seniors, are recently being used…

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Prescription Drug Trends

A gene therapy treatment recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use against leukemia is priced at $475,000 for a one-time treatment.1 While it’s exciting that new treatments, including prescription drugs, appear to be getting closer to curing society’s most lethal diseases, many of us wonder how we can afford them. Even when…

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Tips for Aches and Pains

As we grow older, many of us get wiser. We may become more comfortable in our own skin. We may get better at our jobs, have a more reliable income and begin to collect assets. We can gain a better appreciation of what’s important in life.   We also can lose things. Some of us…

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