An Alternative to Bonds

An Alternative to Bonds These days, there is just no yield to speak of in traditional money instruments (like money markets and CDs), including bonds. Typically, a balanced portfolio could consist of a percentage of equities and a percentage of bonds -the exact breakdown determined by an individual’s risk tolerance, time horizon and objective, (focused more…

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The Many Faces of Annuities Part 2: Fixed Annuities

The Many Faces of Annuities Part Two: FIXED ANNUITY My last blog post talked about one of four types of annuities; the IMMEDIATE annuity. Before you learn about the second type- a FIXED ANNUITY, let’s go over why fixed annuities are considered VERY safe financial tools. Annuities are Highly Regulated. Some of you may not know…

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The Many Faces of Annuities Part 1: Immediate Annuities

The MANY Faces of Annuities: Part 1 One of the best financial tools to use for supplemental retirement income is an annuity. Unfortunately, there are lots of misconceptions about this valuable vehicle due to misinformation, lack of knowledge and understanding, and then of course, there’s always “the hidden agenda” of saying they are a bad investment. We…

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