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Filial Laws Could Hold Adult Children Financially Responsible for Parents’ Long-term Healthcare Costs

Each state has laws known as filial responsibility laws that have the potential to leave a family footing the bill for mom or dad’s long-term healthcare costs. Imagine the surprise. Filial responsibly laws, which haven’t been relied on for quite some time because of other government safety nets provided to seniors, are recently being used…

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Why is Money Talk Taboo?

As a society, we pay a very high price to keep silent about money.  Why is it that many Americans feel more comfortable talking about politics, taxes, death or religion? Our hangup about money conversations contribute to “50% of first marriages ending in divorce, 70% of families failing to successfully pass down their wealth to future…

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5 Ways to Better Connect with Female Investors

As seen in Kiplinger It’s amazing when you think about it that there’s still a pretty broad belief out there that women aren’t interested in dealing with finances — particularly when it comes to investing in their futures. As a woman who’s been in the male-dominated financial industry for more than 30 years, I can…

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