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The Many Faces of Annuities Part 1: Immediate Annuities

The MANY Faces of Annuities: Part 1 One of the best financial tools to use for supplemental retirement income is an annuity. Unfortunately, there are lots of misconceptions about this valuable vehicle due to misinformation, lack of knowledge and understanding, and then of course, there’s always “the hidden agenda” of saying they are a bad investment. We…

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3 Considerations for Successful Investing

3 Considerations for Successful Investing We’ve all heard the infamous phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.  This is a very important consideration when it comes to investing.  A landmark study was done by the Financial Analyst’s Journal which found that when you focus on a variety of asset classes, regions, and investment…

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10 Tips to Prosperity for 2016

10 TIPS to Prosperity for 2016 Here you are, another year older- but are you another year wiser? Wisdom is a special gift that comes with aging, along with the graying hair, the sagging everything, and the shrinking memory. So here a few tips from a wise old lady. Update Your Financial Habits. Einstein really…

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