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Tapping into the Family Focus Financial Group network in Wall Township

The best means by which to plan for your retirement is to evaluate your entire money situation, front to back. You’ll possess multiple retirement assets, and some integrate more seamlessly than others. In addition, you may need to seek the counsel of legal experts or CPAs before finalizing your retirement plan. We can refer you to professionals within our network who can assist you in dialing in the best selections for you and for your loved ones.

At FFFG, we provide these services, or have experts within our network who can handle them for you:

FFFG brings together professionals with decades of financial experience to create a client-centered atmosphere that drives our goals and planning. Our skilled financial planners use cutting analytical computer models to calculate the idealĀ group of investment strategies.

Depending on what you envision for your future, family situation, and many other factors, your retirement goals are not going to be exactly the same as another person’s. We are proud of our customized approach to every client’s scenario. Let us help you live out the lifestyle you want.

The means by which your accounts are taxed, be they 401(k), IRA, or other funds, can dramatically impact the amount you receive out of them, over both the short and the long term. To prevent paying more than your share of taxes, the way your accounts are structured is crucial. Not to mention if you aim to have money remaining to aid your family or favorite charities.

If you already have trusted CPAs and attorneys doing work on your retirement and estate planning, we can collaborate with them whenever necessary. If not, our own network of CPAs, estate planning attorneys, and other professionals will be happy to assist.

While many other financial companies sell you on a service and then may not ever check in on you again, Family Focus Financial Group is regularly meeting, reviewing, updating, and educating our clients. We also hold frequent events to show gratitude for our clients’ continued loyalty. We believe strongly in client service.

To schedule a time to discuss your financial future, e-mail Family Focus Financial or call 732-364-5462 today!

Family Focus Financial Group is a licensed insurance firm.

Investment Advisory Services offered through AE Wealth Management, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Kathleen Nolan, series 65 registered in the State of NJ, licensed life insurance agent in the States of FL and NJ. Sean Nolan and Ashley Meyerhoff are licensed life and health insurance agents in the State of NJ.