4 Factors that Affect the Longevity of your Money in Retirement

March 21, 2016

Making Your Nest Egg Last a Lifetime – 4 Factors Which Affect the Longevity of Your Money What keeps you up at night?  Many of our clients are concerned about one thing and one thing only:  Will you run out of money someday?  In retirement, your goal is not only to enjoy being retired, but

The Many Faces of Annuities Part 2: Fixed Annuities

March 14, 2016

The Many Faces of Annuities Part Two: FIXED ANNUITY My last blog post talked about one of four types of annuities; the IMMEDIATE annuity. Before you learn about the second type- a FIXED ANNUITY, let’s go over why fixed annuities are considered VERY safe financial tools. Annuities are Highly Regulated. Some of you may not know

5 Things Your Broker Should Have Told You

March 11, 2016

Be Prepared for Retirement—5 Things Your Broker Should Have Told You You’ve made it to retirement.  You’ve worked all your life to build your life savings, so what do you do now?  Many of us have had decades of experience in our respective fields of expertise, but how much experience do we have being retired? 

The Many Faces of Annuities Part 1: Immediate Annuities

February 24, 2016

The MANY Faces of Annuities: Part 1 One of the best financial tools to use for supplemental retirement income is an annuity. Unfortunately, there are lots of misconceptions about this valuable vehicle due to misinformation, lack of knowledge and understanding, and then of course, there’s always “the hidden agenda” of saying they are a bad investment. We

3 Considerations for Successful Investing

February 15, 2016

3 Considerations for Successful Investing We’ve all heard the infamous phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.  This is a very important consideration when it comes to investing.  A landmark study was done by the Financial Analyst’s Journal which found that when you focus on a variety of asset classes, regions, and investment

10 Tips to Prosperity for 2016

February 2, 2016

10 TIPS to Prosperity for 2016 Here you are, another year older- but are you another year wiser? Wisdom is a special gift that comes with aging, along with the graying hair, the sagging everything, and the shrinking memory. So here a few tips from a wise old lady. Update Your Financial Habits. Einstein really

Buckets of Money- Managing your Money Effectively

January 25, 2016

Buckets of Money – Managing your Money Effectively As a financial advisor, I meet with clients who are in every phase of life—those who are just starting their families, those in the workforce for some time, and most frequently pre and post-retirees.  No matter which scenario you find yourself in, there is a need to manage

Find Your Match: How to Choose the Financial Advisor That’s Right for YOU

January 8, 2016

  Find Your Match: How to Choose the Financial Advisor That’s Right for YOU Many families already work with a financial advisor; some even have a long term relationship. If you are one of these families, then this financial advisor has likely served you well in accumulating assets for retirement.  As you get closer to the

No Matter the Age, There’€™s No Place Like Home

January 5, 2016

For many, — hopefully most — “home” represents security and acceptance. A place to retreat when things don’t go your way; a place to celebrate when they do. Not long ago, the holidays were the one time of the year when the family reconvened to spend time together under one roof. Now, it’s not uncommon

Digital Evolution Changes Way We Shop, Interact

December 29, 2015

The Internet, much like radio and television before it, has changed modern society and the way we interact with each other. It’s even changed the way companies market products to consumers. Social media has essentially redistributed power from brands to individuals thanks to immediate and evergreen feedback that customers can write about the products they